Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Busy busy busy

Well, if you haven't guessed from the title of this post, we've been busy. I've been house hunting, getting ready for a month long European vacation, catching up with friends and family and partying at a wedding and all the while living out of a suitcase/cardboard box!

Big news on the Rueben front... "he has a big meggie!" as papa would say. The Canadian translation is that he has his first tooth! He's also on the cusp of crawling. He can bear his weight on his knees and elbows but just seems to plow his forhead into the floor. He's discovered though that in the all fours position he can rock himself back and forth. It's very neat to see because Ethan never really mastered the art of crawling.

Time to put the cranky ones to bed.

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