Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kate is Happy

I'm happy for several reasons. First, we leave for Europe in 4 days! But yikes, am I behind on packing. I've discovered it's difficult to live out of a suitcase while trying to pack one. I'm sure I'll get a handle on everything. Probably best to conquer packing while the little ones are asleep.

I'm also happy because I spent a lovely day with 'Grandpa' today. Andy and the boys and I met for a park date which turned into lunch at Boston Pizza, then back to the park, and then dinner at the condo. We had herbed baked chicken with lemon dill squash and nonya seasoned stirfry veggies. Ethan is playing cars with Andy on the kitchen floor and after this post I'm going to put Rueben to bed. What a fun day.

I'm also very happy because we have been given good news about our mortgage situation. The gist of it is that we can afford more than what we thought we could. So now we're house hunting for an actual house, with a basement suit, garage and fenced yard. Things are looking up.

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