Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Three birds with one stone.

As we speak, I have garlic scape pesto freezing in the freezer, ready for a quick pasta at a moments notice, I have chicken and garlic scapes stir frying away on the stove, and a chicken carcass boiling in a stock pot reducing itself into chicken stock for soup. I love multi-tasking, especially when I can get three meals cooked in two hours. It means that tomorrow, dinnertime won't be as chaotic as it usually is. And I love it when Ethan learns new things. With regards to the meals I'm cooking today, it means that Ethan learns that chickens don't really come pre-cut and wrapped in cellophane from the grocery store, but rather it has skin and bones, and hey, we can use that part of the chicken to make soup. He even learns that we can make a tasty pasta sauce from something that looks kinda silly. As Ethan would say "huh, interesting!"

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