Monday, July 5, 2010

Vampire Weekend on Q TV

I took the boys for a drive the other day just to get out of the house and explore south Langley a bit. My radio was tunned to CBC radio one and Jian Ghomeshi's progam 'Q' was re-broadcasting a studio set and interview with a band called Vampire Weekend. I fell in love with the catchy melodies, boppy pace and international flare of the band and music. When we got home, I straightaway youtubed and googled and now I'm in love. It's always a delight to discover music that makes you smile, dance, or connect with in some way and it seems I'm way behind the times in terms of this particular band. How had I not found them sooner?

On another musical note, I picked up the latest Sarah Harmer disc and I'm glad to say that she is better than ever - returning to her folk rock roots and leaving the country in the country. If you love her classics like 'basement appartment' and 'uniform gray', then you'll love this new disc. Go out and get it.

Here are two songs off Sarah's new album.

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