Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Millions of peaches, peaches for me.

We are arrived safely from a weeks worth of camping over the labour day long weekend. In Salmon Arm we had nice enough weather to enjoy an outdoor hot tub, a mini trek to Margaret Falls, and even snuck in some geocaching (or treasure hunting as Ethan and I like to call it). It wasn't until we made our way to Sheridan Lake for the Annual 'Friends and Family Fishing Derby' that the weather really turned for the worse. It was cold and blustery during the day and wet and rainy overnight which ends up sounding like a torrential downpour when you're sleeping in a trailer with a tarp only 1 foot overhead.

Ethan and Rueben had so much fun riding quads and pushing strollers (yes, respectively). And I enjoyed a little time to relax and read without worrying about the boys 24/7. I actually managed to finish reading Emma, which has been my major stumbling block in the great book challenge of 2010. Huzzah, I can move on to Persuasion...

But even more exciting is the bushel of peaches I picked up on our way out of Salmon Arm. I now have several jars of sliced peaches cooling on the counter and the slow cooker is working its magic to make some peach butter which I will jar and process tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to hearing all those lids popping.

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