Sunday, January 16, 2011

A little hard work never hurt anyone.

We had a big dump of snow last week. It fell overnight and accumulated to about a foot. The next morning, we headed out to buy a snow shovel so I could shovel the sidewalk in front of our house (it's the law here, don't you know!) when, at the the store, Ethan saw some shovels that were just his size.

"Can I get a shovel too?"
"Of course. Are you going to help me shovel the snow?"
"Of course!"
So, we started with the driveway, then shoveled the sidewalk. Here is Ethan, proudly displaying is shovel. Then we discovered that when you drop the handle into a snowbank, it makes a cool shape. So, we spent 15 minutes dropping our shovels... sigh.
After all that shovelling, we warmed up inside with hot chocolate and a movie night and listened to .50 clang around inside Ethan's allowance jar.

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