Friday, February 11, 2011

The running lady

Heck no, not me! My dear trainer is already giving me heck because I don't always get my one hour daily exercise. I have enough to think about with all these new food guidelines. My kitchen is supposed to close at 8pm for the night... hard to get used to when your previous regular routine consisted of a 1am fridge raid. But I digress.

Yes, there is a running lady. Ethan has preschool Tuesday and Thursday mornings and without fail, on our way to school we pass by a running lady. I would guess that she's in her 60's. But man is this woman dedicated. She's always wearing the same black pants and headband and she's always jogging along. She's not going super speedy, but you can tell that she's been running for a long time. We've seen her running in sunshine. We've seen her running in rain. We've even seen her running in snow!

And every morning when we pass her, I'm silently cheering her on.

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