Friday, April 9, 2010

It's about time...

I didn't think this day would ever come! Right now, as we speak, (you know what I mean) I am happily blogging away while sitting on the couch in the livingroom. Yes, that's right folks. We finally have a fully functioning internet connection. And to make matters even better, I'm blogging on a brand new laptop computer.

This is big news in my books. I can't remember the last time I had my hands on a full size keyboard. Now I can blog, chat, check email, watch season 6 of LOST and facebook all from the comfort of my very own couch... or starbucks, if I so choose. And you know I'm gonna choose starbucks. This week alone I got 3 free cappuccinos and 1 venti drink for the price of a tall. Yet another perk from this week.

I should sign off and go make some dinner. Oh, who am I kidding... I'm ordering in so I can sit on the couch and get caught up on LOST!!!

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