Sunday, April 25, 2010


Well, it's been a few days since I instigated my new bedtime rules, and though still not perfect, things are definitely changing for the better. I have been sticking to my 'no coffee after 4pm' rule like glue and I gotta say, it's decreasing my total coffee consumption for the day. I never realised how much coffee I drank in the afternoon and evening. I guess it starts with that 3pm crash where you feel like you could just crawl into bed and since I can't really do that with two kids, I would opt for the cup of Joe to keep me going. But these past few days I haven't been feeling that tired in the afternoon. Who knew that a little change like forgoing coffee could effect so much!

Where I have not been as diligent in the new rules is 'getting daily exercise'. I have recently entered into a mutual acountability running relationship with a friend whereby we meet once a week for a run together and then run twice on our own in that same week. The whole point is to become more physically fit by encouraging and being accountable to each other. Well, I'm a little ashamed to admit that I haven't been holding up my end of the bargain. I haven't run in quite a few days. For crying out loud, 'go for a run' has been on my to-do-list for the past 5 days. Maybe if I put it at the top of the list instead of at the bottom, I might actually get to put a check mark beside it, instead of circling it numerous times and writing in bold thrashing letters TOMORROW!!!!

Well, progress is progress, I guess. I can at least say for all my efforts so far, I'm actually going to bed earlier than I had been a few weeks ago. I'm averaging around 12:45 now... Which means it's time to sign off.

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