Friday, May 7, 2010

Hey SPUD! van: TGIF!

Friday is a busy day at our house what with garbage collection, recycling collection, and our SPUD delivery day is Friday as well. Ethan runs to the front windows when he hears the city trucks coming to collect our trash, but he especially LOVES to run to the front window to wave to our friendly spud! delivery driver. He is such a great little helper, helping to carry in our spud bins, opening them up with excitement to see what groceries we got this week. It's such a great way for him to learn about fruits and vegetables and be able to name them. (How many 3 year olds do you know who know what sun chokes, rhubarb and beetroots look like?!)

We have our spud settings arranged to deliver only locally grown produce which means only within 600 km. As much as I love how great it is that we are supporting our local farmers and reducing our carbon footprint, I gotta say, it has been really boring opening our bin to see the same old familiar winter crop of veggies. Really, how long can one go on eating potatoes, leeks, beets, onions, mushrooms, and sprouts week after week?

6 weeks ago, we started seeing rhubarb in the bin, which was a welcome addition. I LOVE rhubarb, and contentedly busied myself making rhubarb ginger jam, stewed rhubarb, a rhubarb berry crumble and even rhubarb rosemary daiquiris. But lo! What did I find this morning when I opened up the spud bin but two bright red, plump, delicious looking tomatoes staring right back at me. Could it be? Yes, spring is really here which means summer is right around the corner.

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