Monday, May 17, 2010

Snow day in May

I enjoy taking Lilly and the boys to the dog park. It's such a great time for her to socialize with other dogs, and even if the park is empty, it's big enough that she can go exploring through the brush and trees. Yesterday, Ethan decided to stay home with Andrew so I took Rueben and Lilly to the park. It was such a beautiful day, so sunny and warm. I was pushing Rueben in the stroller along the path at the back end of the park, when I looked up and noticed that the air was thick with cotton - so much cotton that it really looked like it was snowing. Thank goodness neither Rueben or I suffer from allergies or we would have been done for! After circling the path, we met a lady with her dog and she informed me that what we were seeing was cotton like fibres from flowering oak trees. Even Lilly noticed that the ground was covered with an unusually fluffy white substance. Following a trail of scent was impeded by her constant sneezing. It was quite funny to see. "Silly dog"! as Ethan would say.

Lilly enjoying the real stuff!

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