Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cold front

Ugh... why is it that as soon as I decide to instigate some positive changes in my life, it all goes to pot on account of a cold. I really feel as though I've been clobbered over the head... not to mention my will to maintain said healthy lifestyle changes have taken a beating too.

I'm trying to exercise more, I'm tryin to get to bed earl(ier), I'm trying to eat more healthy food (the one area where I can say I am absolutely achieving my goal). So why now? Why do I get what feels like the mother of all colds. Is it to really test my resolve? Now when I need sleep and rest more than ever, perhaps this is a way to make sure that I really stick with my new bedtime and routine.

Coming down with this cold is helping me to remember that I really need to listen to my body more. When I'm tired, I need to sleep. When I'm hungry and feeling a little weak, I need to eat and nourish my body. When my head is cloudy and foggy, it's time for some fresh air and a little sunshine. And when all I want to do is lay down and veg out, I can do that too. Tummy down on the carpet surrounded by toy cars and trains is Ethan's favorite way to play anyway.

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