Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 2: In Transit

August 21, 2009. Travel day.

What a long day. Our wake up call at 6:30 came way too early. Ethan and I headed downstairs for cold buffet breakfast while Andrew and Rueben slumbered in bed. We all made our way over to the train station which lucky for us was right across the canal from our hotel. (score one for good planning). We catch the Thalys train to Paris - Gare Nord. Slept off and on with Rueben while on the train. Gard Nord was a bustling station full of people. Andrew was accosted by Gypsies while I bought metro tickets. While standing in front of a subway map trying to best figure out our route, and older man on a bicycle explained to us it would be much easier for us to get to Gare Lyon by bus because we had so many suitcases and the stroller. He walked us to the bus stop and even helped us on with all of our luggage. He was such a kind, helpful man. I'm glad we ended up taking the bus because it finally hit me that we were in Paris when we passed by the Bastille monument. We arrived at gare de Lyon train station with time to buy some overpriced baguette sandwiches and to find our platform. Another 3 and a half hours on the train and finally we arrived in Geneva. We were greeted by Roger, Josette, Sylvain, Marie-Jo, and Florence at the station. Hugs and kisses and 'oh-la-las' ensued. After circling the car park 3 times to find the exit, we were finally off on our way home. We cross the border into Annemasse. The lay of the land is starting to come back to me as we leave the city and climb up into the hills of Lucinges. The girls have equipped us with baby products and an array of child car seats and we are left to shower and rest up for yet another sleepless night. Oh the joys of jet lagged children.

traveling from Amsterdam to Geneva via Paris

The platform in Geneva

Our home for the next 10 or so days

The view from our place

French country charm

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