Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I like games. I enjoy uncovering clues and deciphering riddles. I also like technology and gadgets. So how cool is it that the classic treasure hunt has been merged with technology to create something called geocaching. Using a GPS device, you can treasure hunt in your own backyard. So, how do you get started?

Go to and register for the free basic account. Then you can enter your postal code or your coordinates and get a list of the nearest geocashes in your area. The hunt is on! Once you find a cache, usually some kind of box, you can sign the log inside and exchange something for one of the treasures you find in the box. The website has tutorials and a wealth of safety tips and information.

The best thing is that they are all over the place. Literally right under your nose. There's even one at Lilly's haunt, the clayton dog park!

So, who wants to geek it up with me and go on a techy treasure hunt? I think it would be a great activity for kids, and kids of all ages.

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