Thursday, June 24, 2010


We all have those days, every once in a while, where nothing goes the way we planned. I was woken up this morning a little too early after a late night to my almost 4 year old saying in a whinny 7am morning voice "mommy, I'm huuuuungry". So, bleary eyed, we stumble downstairs and I start making oatmeal and a humongous cup of coffee. Nothing like feeling a sense of accomplishment after a long day, so over breakfast, I decided to create a little to-do list for the day. (And yes I do mean little as compared to the wall sized list I had going 2 weeks ago of which I accomplished all the tasks. Maybe size does matter).

My list was as follows:

laundry (it goes on every list I make cause it's never fully finished, but I check mark it anyway)
mop floor (this one is futile with drooly Rueben in the house)
tidy kitchen
make curtains for Rueben's bedroom
file the stack of papers cluttering up the kitchen counter
hang shelves in bathroom
clean out fridge
mow the lawn
put out garbage, recycling, lawn clippings for collection

OK, so it might seem over ambitious, but if it's all timed right and orchestrated correctly, it could be done. Start the laundry in the morning, tidy the kitchen after breakfast, file the papers when I put Rueben down for his nap. Mow the lawn while Ethan is watching Blue's Clues then get him to help me put up the shelves. Clean out the fridge just before getting reading to cook dinner, and then put out the garbage and mop the floor after the boys are in bed. It's a massive balancing act, and I think I could actually pull it off... except this is me we're talking about.

There is just too much laundry to do it all in one day and I didn't account for the pile of clothes that were on top of the dryer as well as the ones inside it. So folding everything takes some time. On to the kitchen where I had to empty out the dishwasher before I could load it up again. The pile of papers has been relocated to the landing on the stairs where I'm sure they'll sit for a few weeks before I bother to bring them all the way upstairs. I actually did drag the lawn mower to the front of the house to mow the wheat field we have growing out there, but to my dismay, the mower is out of gas. So on to hanging shelves... if only Andrew would put my tools back where they belong, maybe I could get something accomplished. Yes, I'm blaming Andrew, only because he doesn't read my blog so he'll never find out! The way this day has been going, I'm probably going to order in tonight, or make yam tempura, which is just gonna mucky up my tidy kitchen. And by the time the boys are in bed, it will be time for me to drink a beer and watch So You Think You Can Dance? Who wants to mop the floor after a day of misfires anyway? Don't want to get myself all motivated to do stuff at 9:30pm when I should be winding down for bed. So the two things on my list that get check marks are putting out the garbage and laundry - which didn't get past the first load I put in this morning, I guarantee. I'll be sure to tuck this list into the recycling bin so I can start fresh for tomorrow. Top of my list will be... have fun with the boys.

At least that is something worth doing.

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