Saturday, August 7, 2010

Am I A Big Loser?

I sure hope so... I hope I'm the biggest loser. My girlfriend decided to create a challenge for her friends to motivate us to lose our unwanted and unhealthy pounds. One of my health goals for this year was to lose some weight anyway, so now I have a little cash incentive to make that happen. (We each had to ante in $20.)

So now, the challenge is on. I'm actually taking steps to living a more healthy lifestyle. For example, if I'm in the mood for a snack, I reach for a fruit or veg first, before indulging in comfort food like cheese and crackers. I'm drinking more water throughout the day. I'm also actually using my treadmill every night. Hopefully, these little changes will help. And at the end of the challenge, I'll be happy to have lost any weight at all. Winning all the money would just be an added bonus!

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