Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Need Home For A Rest

WOW! Who knew going on vacation would be so tiring! Andrew arrived in Vancouver last Thursday, and we took off on Friday for a week long camping trip on the sunshine coast to an area called Pender Harbour. His family has been camping at the very same lake for well over 30 years and this was our first year back to Hotel Lake since moving back to the lower mainland. We sure had a lot of fun, and the boys did as well. Ethan loved playing with his toys in the sand on the beach with the other boys and girls, and Rueben enjoyed swimming in the lake with me. They both loved spending time with and getting to know their extended family better.

The week wasn't without incident though. Ethan was sick the second evening in the tent and by sick, I mean he 'got sick' in the tent... disinfectant was required... Luckily our tent walls are almost completely mesh lined so it was easy to air out. Rueben wasn't feeling that great on the drive home, and he also got sick in the truck. Nothing that a few wet wipes and a change of clothes couldn't fix.

Andrew drove me straight from the Horseshoe bay ferry terminal to the Tssawassen ferry terminal so I could escape for the weekend with my sister and a few friends to our family cabin on Pender Island, in the Gulf Islands. The last time I was at the cabin was several years ago for my sister-in-laws stagette weekend and of course, nothing has changed. It's always a fun time to get away with the girls. I've been living life in 'single mom mode' for so long now and it was really nice and refreshing for me to have a few days away from the boys. I LOVE them SO much, but sometimes, a mom just needs to breathe! The weekend was full of laughter, jokes, great food and drink, and fun activity and games.
But, it's nice to be home now. Time to retire to bed so I can get back to my usual crazy life.

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