Saturday, July 18, 2009

Get Moving

I recently bought a treadmill to help me in my fight against the baby bulge I've developed since giving birth to Rueben. Previously I had a gym membership to a gym in town but I found that the only time I could go was at 5am before Andrew left for work. Well, if you know me, you'd know that I'm not exactly a morning person. I mean, I can get up early if I need to, but to sustain it on a regular basis is questionable. Furthermore, to have to exercise at that early time is just downright ludicrous.

So, I bought a treadmill. Yes, mom, I'm actually using. It's not just a really expensive clothes drying rack... not yet anyway. Anyway, I bought the new Black Eyed Peas cd a few weeks ago and it has become my go-to cd for exercising. Pretty much all the songs are uptempo 'get-you-in-the-mood-to move' songs. Even Ethan has his favorite song. "mommy, please play the ring ring ring song?" No wonder they called it The E.N.D (energy never dies). So if you're looking for some good workout music, I definitely recomend it.

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