Friday, July 24, 2009


Wow, It's going to be a hot one today! The house never really cooled down last night and there's not much of a breeze this morning so I think it's gonna get really hot here today. I was planning on taking the boys to the park, but might just go for a drive instead. We're supposed to hit 29*C this afternoon so I think I'd prefer to be enjoying the air conditioning!

Since Strongstart and Mothergoose are on hiatus for the summer, it's hard to keep up a routine with Ethan, so we've designated Mondays and Wednesdays as park days. Here are some pics of Ethan and his friends having fun at the park.

These are pictures from our park play date with my friend Carling and her son Braxton and baby Sophie. We went to Matthews park which is down the hill from us, behind the Walmart.

We also had a play date with my friend Arlyn and her son Breaden at Concord park. The dump truck was a big hit. She invited us back to her place for lunch afterward which was fun!

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