Tuesday, July 14, 2009

House Guests

Well, there's nothing like the impending arrival of house guests to get you in the cleaning mood. My good friend from Vancouver, Melissa, and her husband and two kids are arriving tonight to spend a few days here with us. She called about an hour ago from Prince George to let me know they're on their way. So that means I've got less than 5 hours to sweep, mop, finish the laundry, clean the bathroom and kitchen and take out the garbage.

Easy, right? Sure. Except I've got a three year old who promptly makes a mess of everything I clean. He also has a penchant for pressing buttons on the keyboard while I'm typing. It's taken me 25 minutes to type something that should have only taken 2. And to boot, I've lost precious cleaning time. Dang it, now Rueben has woken up. I can never win.2

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